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  • A lovely memory of 1950’s lifestyle returned  in a real space right in  the heart of downtown Saigon.

  • In this restaurant space , the owner and designer made a clear statement about the on-going story of the old city. In Hem 12, beautiful imagines of Saigon  came back  softly in symbolized design elements. Therefore, visitors was  leading into a familiar memory but in real and freshness.   

  • The continuous story went through a typical old alley in the heart of Hochiminh City where daily life of Saigon and Cho Lon was easily recognized  by hand-painted signboards of shops, walls with small windows and trees growing from the cracks. There were aslo images of Saigon with Sounthern old wooden houses and French colonial buildings with a mixed usage of west and east elements...

  • The story kept going through a typical kitchen of Vietnamese with a “garde-manger” (food cupboard) with a round table enough for family members garthering for diinner after long working day. The usage of oil-based manchon lamps, bird cages, crockelies, Chinese noodle cart... recalled once-upon-a-time in Saigon.


Hẻm 12 (restaurant)


12 Nguyen Hue 

Hochiminh City




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